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What does it take to qualify for this role?
  •  A Bachelor's Degree in Management, Business Administration, or other related fields
  •  At least 5 years of people and/or project management experience
  •  Commercial awareness and knowledge on the retail industry
  •  Proven experience in planning, goal-setting, and driving timely results
  •  Ability to come up with new ideas and execute them smoothly
  •  Ability to gather and analyze business and performance metric data
  •  Ability to think critically, work independently, and come up with appropriate solutions to issues and problems
  •  Ability to evaluate, onboard and train team members and build a positive employee experience
  •  Know-how in creating process maps and managing workflows
  •  Excellent communication, presentation, and time management skills
  •  Eagerness to develop oneself and learn new skills
  •  A home office with a strong and reliable internet connection
  •  Developing thorough knowledge on the company's products and target markets
  •  Guiding new joiners in gaining a thorough understanding of the team’s culture and accountabilities and guaranteeing their successful onboarding
  •  Assigning employees to, rotating them across, and removing them from roles
  •  Defining the team’s objectives, priorities and supporting tactics
  •  Assisting members in identifying their metrics and KPIs
  •  Ensuring the smooth execution of each step in the product lifecycle or process maps
  •  Ensuring the effective delivery of each role and timely resolution of individual and collective issues and concerns
  •  Mentoring and coaching team members so they can achieve maximum results
  •  Closely monitoring individual and team performance and keeping it aligned with business and organizational goals
  •  Supervising the team’s productivity dashboards and delegating tasks and responsibilities as needed
  •  Ensuring every role's compliance with implemented standards, policies, and procedures
  •  Initiating and participating in workflow and process improvements
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