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What does it take to qualify for this role?
  •  A Bachelor's Degree in Management, Business Administration, Information Tehcnology, or other related fields
  •  At least 5 years of people and/or project management experience
  •  Commercial awareness and knowledge on the retail industry
  •  Proven experience in developing and improving processes, workflows, systems, and tools
  •  Ability to generate new ideas and execute them smoothly
  •  Ability to analyze business performance and come up with actionable recommendations
  •  Ability to think critically, work independently, and suggest appropriate solutions to issues and problems
  •  Ability to evaluate individual and business KPIs and overall efficiency
  •  Experience in developing competencies and filling in gaps within the business particularly, operations
  •  Know-how in lean management and agile practices
  •  Excellent communication, presentation, and time management skills
  •  Eagerness to develop oneself and learn new skills
  •  A home office with a strong and reliable internet connection
  •  Developing in-depth knowledge on the company's goals, business processes, products, services, and target markets as well as the functional use of relevant systems and tools
  •  Identifying business process opportunities and challenges by analyzing process data and metrics
  •  Reviewing current processes and monitoring outcome and results to guarantee quality, improvement, and effectiveness
  •  Developing and implementing process solutions, strategies, and best practices to improve operational efficiency
  •  Providing documentation and training programs on new processes as needed
  •  Engaging, influencing, and empowering the company's workforce towards initiating and welcoming change
  •  Preparing business process reports and driving initiatives to enhance the organization's profitability
  •  Regulating and developing work procedures for optimal productivity
  •  Assisting in quality assurance and problem-solving efforts within the organization
  •  Providing information, innovation, and thought leadership in area of expertise  
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